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Iota Beta Chapter

About our Fraternity

The Kappa Delta Rho Iota Beta Chapter is a Social Fraternity on the Rochester Institute of Technology campus, originally formed in 1989 and brought to full status May of 1990.

Where We're Located

Our house is located in Res Hall A on the residential side of the Rochester Institute of Technology campus. Come hang out with us whenever, you can identify us by the lit up letters in our lounge window

Meet our E-Board

These are the gentlemen who keep our fraternity alive and well. They each have a specific job in managing our day to day activities, and do their best to keep us efficient


Jeffery Garzon #416

Junior Tribune

Samar Karnani #415


Adam Robinson #411

Senior Tribune

Jack LaDue #435


Steven Sasson #433

What We've Been Up To